Fashion Friday!: Denim Shirt


Hi everyone!

The sun has finally arrived in London! I am so happy. A little bit of sun can just make your whole day better. I live like 40 min away from my uni, I usually just jump on the bus for 15 min since it’s cold and rainy but these past few days I walked to and from university. It was so nice being able to wear sunglasses and no even wearing a jacket! It felt like spring was really here, I loved it.

What is the first thing you want to do when you see the sun shine? I sleep with my blinds open lately so I can see the whether when I wake up and seing the sun shine makes me jump out of my bed in two seconds. I eat breakfast (I can’t go anywhere without eating my breakfast. The reason I wake up is because I get to eat lol) and then I get ready so I can go take a walk before the sun disappears again. Let’s admit that London is very good at tricking us in terms of weather. You can be very happy that the sun is shinning, and as soon as you get out of your house it’s freezing or you’ve gotten too far from your house and it starts pouring down. Am I the only one this happens to?

Anyways for two whole days the sun was shinning and it was like 16ºC so we didn’t need our big coats and scarfs anymore. I decided to still wear black jeans as 16ºC is warm but not enough so the black jeans will attract the heat! Sneakers to let the ankle breathe and a nice denim shirt because it’s spring and it’s time to wear lighter colors!

Hope you enjoyed the sunny days that are now far gone…

Shirt: H&M

Top: Gap

Jeans: TopShop

Sneakers: Zara

Love, Jen xx


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