Healthy Monday!: Chicken and Potato salad



Hi everyone!

I know I just mentionned in my previous post that I will post on the actual day, didn’t really work out, I am still working on taking my pictures earlier to have a better planned blog.

I enjoy writing blog posts,  planning them in advance would really help me to write them more efficiently and on time. It would also let you know when you can come back to see new posts!

For my Monday salad, I boiled some potatoes and grilled some chicken. It’s good nutrients and proteins. It’s quite filling with cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lettuce but it’s also pretty good. Making smaller portions can help you get summer ready while eating healthy!

A good trick I’ve taken over time is to use smaller plates. The smaller the plate the bigger your portion seems. This kind of tricks your brain to believe there’s more food than there actually is!

Don’t over do it on the dressing too, I like simply drizzling some vinegar and olive oil so that it’s not dry and adds a bit a flavour.

What’s your tricks to get summer ready?

Love, Jen xx


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