Healthy Monday!: Can never go wrong with fruits

Hi everyone! I know this isn’t the first time I post about fruit salad, it is part of my daily routine to eat fruits I think it’s very important to eat fruits, they are full of nutrients and super healthy. I prefer buying fresh fruits rather than eating dried fruits or fruits bars and other variants I like seing exactly what I’m eating and it’s … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Can never go wrong with fruits

Healthy Monday!: Little side

Hi everyone! This is the most stressful time of the semester at my university, all our essays are due and the exams are starting next week… I always feel looking forward that the end seems so distant yet looking back I feel like it just started. Time really flies by. Thinking that I’m graduating at the end of next semester is unbelievable. I remember like … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Little side

Healthy Monday!: Chicken and Potato salad

Hi everyone! I know I just mentionned in my previous post that I will post on the actual day, didn’t really work out, I am still working on taking my pictures earlier to have a better planned blog. I enjoy writing blog posts,  planning them in advance would really help me to write them more efficiently and on time. It would also let you know … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Chicken and Potato salad