Fashion Friday!: What’s in my daily bag?


Hi everyone!

Happy easter!! Hope you’re all taking out the child in you and going on easter egg hunt through your gardens or apartments! I don’t really like chocolate so had pancakes in bed instead, it’s a good alternative I think.

I see a lot of bloggers doing the what’s in my bag post, so thought I might as well share it as for now my outfits are not very innovative considering the weather is not great in London… This is one of my favorite bags. I love the color, since I’m very often dressed in black, this allows me to have a bit of color. Always being in black might also have influenced my wallet color choice. I sometimes use this wallet when I go out at night as my phone fits perfectly in it then I don’t have to bring an other bag.



I always have my planner with me. I have all my plans in it as well as in my phone which I put in the blue Ines de la Fressange cover. I like keeping track of what I do throughout the day in writing, and I color code my plans in my planner which permits me to find my past and future plans quickly if I need it.


I actually don’t have that much in my bag, I just bring a mirror in case I get something in my eye or just want to check my make up (although since I don’t bring make up around with me I can’t even fix it, that’s not very smart of me…). I have hand cream as my hand gets dry easily and always hair ties and a clip as I change my mind about my hair a lot throughout the day. I like best wearing it down but my hair is naturally kind of curly and reacts with the weather… I straighten it but as soon as it rains as all curly hair people are aware off, it starts to frizz so I need alternatives. I also have a little perfume sample in case I’m meeting up with someone or just after a long day I like to give myself a little spray in the middle. My current perfume is Me from Lanvin. I love the smell, it’s light and flowery which is exactly what I like smelling throughout the day so what I want to smell like.


I also have paper tissue, earphones and gum just for practicality, you never know if you’re going to need it!

Bag: Charles and Keith

Wallet: Bought in Bali

Phone cover: From Ines de la Fressange (got it in My Little Box)

Sunglasses: Sarah Lavoine

Planner: Erin Condren

Perfume: Me from Lanvin

Hand creme: Fleurs Merveilleuses from L’Occitane

Love, Jen xx



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