Healthy Monday!: Potato Salad



Hi everyone!

How was your weekend? It’s the break next week so this weekend was a bit stressful trying to finish essays and arranging work shifts so I can go without any problems. Like aways, I made salad for lunch. Potatoes are easy carbs to add in a salad. Peel and boil for like 30 min while you do other things and then it’s ready to be added in your salad. I buy the big baking potatoes as when I do one it’s a good size for two or three meals depending on what I do.

In a salad, I like just adding a bit of it and put other vegetables in it. Potato in a salad makes it a lot more filling so you don’t need to add a lot. I’m especially not very hungry at lunch time in general so I don’t do big portions. And if you want to bring it to class or the office, make the potato ready the night before so it’s quick to cut up in the morning and put in a container with salad.

Add some vinegar, olive oil and salt to make it perfect and it makes a great meal that’s both filling and healthy!

Have a good week 🙂

Love, Jen xx


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