Sweet Sunday!: Crepes are a good start to the day



Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having a good Sunday so far 🙂 I usually post my Sweet Sunday posts on Monday morning, but figured I had free time after my brunch so might as well share this with you now, there is still time for you to enjoy the day with a bit of reading and maybe some sweetness after you read this!

I was studying until pretty late last night and when I was done I really wanted crepes. Since I wasn’t going to eat them at 2am, that’s not very healthy, I made the dough ready so that I could make them quickly as I woke up. I also feel like crepes are better after the dough has been chilling for a while. I can’t give you exact measurements as I do this with a feeling, I just mix an egg, some milk, a pinch of salt and flour together until I feel that the consistency is nice and runny. I leave it in the fridge over night and the next morning I melt some butter and add a bit of milk as the consistency is thicker when it’s left for a while. Heat up the pan, and you’re ready to make a yummy breakfast or brunch!

I did these just for myself this morning, but sometimes I invite friends over for brunch, I make crepes, they might bring something else, and we eat them with lots of different fruits. I feel like crepes can be considered healthy enough as you don’t really put any sugar or butter in them unless you want too.

Eating crepes brings me back to my childhood. We used to make them with my mom in our country house, it was such a fun family activity. Me and my sister always got a try to flip them on the pan, always failed but got a good laugh out of it. We would sit outside under the sun and eat as a family while our parents told us stories of their childhood. I feel like that’s a tradition that I’d like to have with my children one day. For now, I enjoy these times with a group of friends of a nice and relaxing Sunday!

Do you have any Sunday traditions?

Love, Jen xx


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