Fashion Friday!: Poncho Day


Hi everyone!

Wish you all to have a wonderful and relaxing weekend, it’s that time of the year where we all feel exhausted and are in great need of a holiday! So take a few minutes off, read posts from your favorite bloggers and breathe. Just a few minutes helps the brain relax and be ready to get back to work. If you work to intensively in a long period of time, I find it hard to stay concentrated. So best to take a break every 30 min or every hour, just for a few minutes in order to get back in a better shape.

That’s exactly what I like to do, and hence what I’m doing right now. Writing blog posts is a lot more relaxing than writing essays for uni. Too much research and so much concentration needed. Blogposts are more simple, it’s just about being yourself and writing about what you are passionate about.

Outfit of the day consists of black jeans and a white turtle neck – I know what a shocker I never wear that haha But to change it a bit I added a black big poncho with a big roll neck. It’s quite warm and since it’s not too cold outside, perfect for a little walk.

Poncho: Vintage

Shirt: Primark

Jeans: Monki

Boots: Zara

Wish you all a relaxing reading and weekend!

Love, Jen xx

ps: go check out my instagram πŸ˜‰


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