Healthy Monday!: Fruits in salad



Hi everyone!

I know I post a lot of salads for my healthy Monday posts, I’m sorry if it gets too repetitive, I try to change what I put in them, but it is what I eat the most of. I mean how can you say no to salad, it’s so yummy and you can put everything that you feel like eating in it!

I bought a mango the other day, I was just feeling like eating mango, figured I could also put it in my salad. Turns out it was the right choice because it tasted really good! Might as well get your five fruits and vegetables a day in the same bowl. Did you know that mango actually prevents certain types of cancer like colon or breast cancer? And it’s also good in terms of beauty for your hair and skin!

I like looking up the benefits of what I eat, instead of just making a meal to make it, I enjoy every bite of it. A salad like this helps prevents me for cancer, gives me a healthy skin and a whole load of vitamins to keep me healthy and energised throughout the day! And the chicken helps build muscle due to the protein and is rich in minerals that gives you healthy bones.

Are you going to think twice about what you eat everyday now? Anything to keep us healthy and pretty should definitely be something to include in your meal plan!

Love, Jen xx


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