Fashion Friday!: Pure London Exhibition

  Hi everyone! I should really have done this post last week as Pure London was from the 14th to the 16th. It was the first time that I went to this exhibition. If you don’t know about it, it’s every season at Kensington Olympia, you can get free tickets in advance if you want to go see it. They have different talks to help … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: Pure London Exhibition

Sweet Sunday!: Crepes are a good start to the day

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good Sunday so far 🙂 I usually post my Sweet Sunday posts on Monday morning, but figured I had free time after my brunch so might as well share this with you now, there is still time for you to enjoy the day with a bit of reading and maybe some sweetness after you read this! I … Continue reading Sweet Sunday!: Crepes are a good start to the day

Sweet Sunday!: Valentine’s day cupcakes

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful valentine’s day with the people you love, being your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, your crush, your best friend or family. Valentine’s day is just another commercial excuse to spend money and prove your love in public. I don’t personally believe in valentine’s day, I feel that proving your love should be everyday not just once a … Continue reading Sweet Sunday!: Valentine’s day cupcakes

Fashion Friday!: Casual work

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delayed post… Do you ever wonder 100 times what you can possibly wear to work when you don’t necessarily have to be formal because you don’t have a meeting or anything special but you still need to look classy enough to show that your work matters and you make an effort to look good? Well here’s what I see as … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: Casual work

Healthy Monday!: Dessert or snack?

Hi everyone! Do you ever get hungry throughout the day but you don’t want to eat your meal early because you just know that you’re gonna be hungry again later? Yeah, me too. That’s why I always have fruits and nuts lying around the house or in my bag for when I’m on the run. There’s nothing worse than being hungry and hearing your stomach … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Dessert or snack?

Fashion Friday!:Mix of brands

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed I either wear all Zara or 10 different brands! I don’t have the money to buy expensive classy brands so I try to find alternatives in cheaper stores and I think that if you pair them well you can make cheap clothe look expensive. You just have to wear them right! For today’s outfit I’m wearing like a lot of celebrities … Continue reading Fashion Friday!:Mix of brands

Healthy Monday!: Pasta can be healthy

Hi everyone! Do people ever say to you that you shouldn’t eat pasta, carbs make you fat? I think they’re wrong. I’ve eaten pasta all my life and I’m completely content with how I look. I’m not telling you to eat pasta everyday, and it also depends on what you eat your pasta with but from time to time it’s a perfectly acceptable meal! I’m … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Pasta can be healthy