Healthy Monday!: Easy way to get your daily vegetables in


Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a good start to your week. The sun was shinning here yesterday, giving us all that holiday dream mood. I know the holidays have almost just finished but seeing the sun shinning just made me think of the sea and just laying on the beach under the sun lightly caressing your body. I’ve gone from being excited about the snow last weekend to wishing I was laying on the beach!

On another note, here’s to the new healthy Monday post: people always say how do you get five fruits and vegetables in a day, that’s way too much. It sounds like a lot but nothing that a salad can’t fix. Whether it’s fruit salad or a vegetable salad, it’s easy to put everything you enjoy eating into one bowl and get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

I don’t know if you count salad as a vegetable, if not you can add one more thing, but otherwise I put cherry tomatoes, yellow and orange peppers, carrots and corn on top of lettuce. Makes a perfect healthy meal to give you all the vitamins and minerals needed and it is very good too!

What are your tricks to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables in easily?

Love, Jen xx


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