Fashion Friday!: Another busy day


Hi everyone!

How’s the start of the year treating you? You would think that for a start of January, it would be colder than it is. I guess the cold is gonna hit us in the face one day and we’re going to miss those warm winter days!

So considering it’s not that cold, I can still wear rolled up jeans and no big chunky scarf. I love wearing black, but on some days I feel like all black is just too much. So I just wear colored pants with black everything else! I really love those jeans, they’re comfy, normal waist and I also own them in black which I wear more often.

These are actually my work shoes, but when I have to run from one end of town to the other, I’d rather wear shoes I know can hold me through a long day without hurting my feet. I also really like this shirt, as I don’t own an iron, I try to buy shirts than don’t wrinkle as a dry cleaner isn’t exactly in my budget!



When my ankle are bare, I like adding a little accessory from time to time to style up the outfit a bit more, even though you don’t really see it with the jeans. I usually wear this anklet in the summer with a dress but I enjoy wearing it while I still can.

Jacket: Comptoir des Cotonniers

Shirt: Primark

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Boohoo

Belt: Dries Van Noten

Watch: Cluse

Bracelet: Bought in Bali (it’s the Bali island on it too!)

Rings: Nilaï and Religion like always

Anklet: Accessories

Hope you all had a good first week back to work and class!

Love, Jen xx



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