Healthy Monday!: My tea addiction


Hi everyone!

The title of this post indicates that I’m addicted to tea, it’s not necessarily true, but it’s rare that I go one day without drinking at least one cup. I have my cupboard full of tea selection so it takes ages for people to choose what they want to drink when they come over. I have selected a few to share with you here, so if you like tea, read along!

Morning tea:

I don’t drink coffee, so in the morning I like to start with a black tea as they help wake up. I usually drink early grey in the morning as it has some caffeine to help me wake up. Black teas are the only ones I add sugar in. Earl grey tea actually contains extract of bergamot that reduces bad cholesterol! And it is also said to help against anxiety and depression. Drinking it in the morning, is bound to start your day off well!


Day tea:

I have a large selection of the tea I consider as day tea. I mainly like their natural sweetness and how they make you all cozy in your couch or bed when you get home from school or from a meeting.

I usually drink between a Kusmi tea: Imperial Label, that I got in a subscription box, that smells wonderful! I sometimes just leave the box open so have the smell around for a bit! Otherwise I drink a raspberry, strawberry and loganberry tea or an raspberry and echinacea tea which is actually my favorite. Echinacea is one of the best extract you can have in a tea I find, as it helps boost your immune system. I always drink it when I feel a cold coming and it helps prevent it.


Night tea:

In the evening, an hour after I have had my diner, I always drink green tea. Either with lemon or ginger as that’s just added benefits. I love green tea! Green tea is actually said to improve your health. It’s great for the digestive system, ie. why I drink it in the evening after having eaten all my meals and has signs of fat burning. It can boost your metabolism and lowers the risk of becoming obese. It is also argued that green tea helps brain function and so is a good study tea. I’m more of a night time study person so it helps my brain function at night as it also has some caffeine to help stay awake a bit longer.

Any kind of tea you drink can bring benefits in some way. Add honey to your tea and it helps against sore throat. But mainly, tea is just a great start and end to the day!

Do you have any favorite tea I should maybe add to my cupboard?

Love, Jen xx


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