Fashion Friday!: New Year’s Eve Outfit





Hi everyone!

First of all Happy New Year! Hope this will be a great year for all of you, and wish you all to find love, friendship and success in this beautiful new year!

Did you all have a fun night with friends or family, screaming the countdown? I certainly did. I think there is nothing better than to spend New Years eve with a bunch of friends, giving a good start to the year. I never go clubbing on NYE as I can’t bother standing in line and being with strangers on that special night. I enjoy spending the first moments of new year’s with the people I want to see again in the year.

Since I went to a house party, I still wanted to dress up as it’s new years and why not dress up? I decided to wear a dress I got for Christmas and paired it with a pair of ankle boots to look a bit more chill for a house party. I also wore light black tights, it’s too cold to go bare legs this time of the year! I like starting the year by feeling comfortable and pretty in what I’m wearing. I’m kind of self conscious about what others think of my appearance which means that I always try 10 to 20 outfits before going out the door! That is one of my new year’s resolution: to care less about what others think of me and work on my appearance for myself and not because I want to please others’ eyes.

I like New Years as many people get drunk, but since it’s a big celebration, everyone is so happy and funny. Even when you walk in the street late, you can always have fun conversations with strangers. I had a big grey coat on top of my dress. I like wearing long coats with dresses as I don’t have to think about my dress going up when I walk.

Coat: Zara

Dress: Etam

Boots: Zara

Rings: Religion and Nilaï

Bracelet: Did it myself

Hope this year will be the best one we’ve all had so far!

Love, Jen xx


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