Healthy Monday!: After christmas


Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a good holiday with your family and friends. I love holidays as they are so much fun, you get to catch up with a lot of people but you also get so much good food that you gain so much weight!

So to make up for eating a month worth of food in just a week I’m going back to a healthy little salad. Eating healthy and working out is the only way to get rid of holiday weight and start the new year fresh and fit!

Just mixing up a few things that I could find in my fridge to make up a good and yummy salad. Lettuce as a base, chicken for protein, and corn, orange peppers and cherry tomatoes for all the vitamins and minerals. As usual, I just top it up with some olive oil and salt.

How was your holidays and what are your tricks against eating too much after the holidays? Comment below or on my Instagram!

Love, Jen xx


3 thoughts on “Healthy Monday!: After christmas

  1. That looks super tasty! Sadly I don;t have many tricks for not eating too much, apart from drinking green tea in the evenings so I am too full to eat all the chocolate in the house!


    1. Haha I get rid of all the cakes and chocolates in my house when I have guests and don’t buy any until I have my self control back! Green tea is a great way to help your digestive system after a long day 🙂 I’ll do a post a teas next week, so make sure to come back to check it out ^^

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