Fashion Friday!: My favorite Christmas presents

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a good christmas or any other holiday celebration you have. I celebrated christmas at home with my family which was lots of fun. We celebrate on the 24th at night, so we all finished wrapping our presents which I love doing! my family usually gives me all the presents except the ones for me to wrap. We enjoy doing a lot of small presents rather than one big one so that it fills up under the tree. We had diner first and then went into the living room to open the presents one by one. I love looking at what other got and opening presents it’s such a fun family moment.

I picked out a few of my favorite presents as I didn’t want to take a picture of everything.



I got a pajama pants from Etam from my sister which looks pretty cool. I get really warm when I sleep so I usually wear shorts but these pants are made in a very light material so they are perfect to sleep in and to wonder around the house in.


I got this plaque from my brother which has one of my favorite quotes on it “If you can dream it, you can do it”. I like to believe that anything is possible, and this little painting sums it up pretty well.


I also got this silk green scarf from The Kooples from my mom which is my favorite of all my presents. It’s such a pretty color and the design is awesome! It looks very classy and adds a subtle hint of color to my usual black outfits.

Can you choose a single favorite item from what you got this holiday?

Love, Jen xx


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