Fashion Friday!: Outfit before it gets too cold




Hi everyone!

It’s quite chilly outside, but not cold enough just yet. I’m enjoying wearing sneakers with rolled up jeans a few last times. Soon my ankles will get too cold if I wear that kind of outfits!

I really like those jeans, they don’t actually have any holes, as they are all covered up but they have a nice style.


This outfit is both chill and chic. The jeans and sneakers make this outfit quite street style and the button up shirt and pashmina scarf with a long coat makes it more classy. I always like to make this contrast, means you can fit in anywhere you go!

Jeans: CPS Jeans

Shirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Rings: Nilaï and Religion

Bracelet: Gift

Coat: Zara (didn’t realize I was wearing all Zara!)

Scarf: Bought in Bali

What’s your to go style?

Love, Jen xx


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