Fashion Friday!: My favorite Christmas presents

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good christmas or any other holiday celebration you have. I celebrated christmas at home with my family which was lots of fun. We celebrate on the 24th at night, so we all finished wrapping our presents which I love doing! my family usually gives me all the presents except the ones for me to wrap. We enjoy doing a … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: My favorite Christmas presents

Fashion Friday!: Roll neck jumper

Hi everyone! Don’t you just love a winter day where it’s sunny and cold? When it’s a day like this I enjoy going to a market somewhere around London. It gives you a nice little walk and I love looking a Christmas markets. They always have the cutest little thing! For this I decided to wear a black skirt with black tights and little heeled … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: Roll neck jumper

Healthy Monday!: Refreshing diner

Hi everyone! I have eaten way to many christmas cookies already and we are still 10 days away from Christmas! So I decided to make a quite refreshing salad for diner. It’s light, and very easy to make as it was just peeling,  chopping and voilà! I find that lettuce and mandarines are really yummy together. Especially at this time of the year where I … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Refreshing diner

Sweet Sunday!: Christmas baking!

Hi everyone! I’m getting in the holiday spirit here by baking christmas cookies. I don’t have any cookie cutters here so I just cut out a shape in paper and cut around it on the laid out dough. It turned out pretty well I think! Although I did get kind of tired of cutting with a knife that i ended up with cutting squares instead … Continue reading Sweet Sunday!: Christmas baking!

Fashion Friday!: Outfit before it gets too cold

Hi everyone! It’s quite chilly outside, but not cold enough just yet. I’m enjoying wearing sneakers with rolled up jeans a few last times. Soon my ankles will get too cold if I wear that kind of outfits! I really like those jeans, they don’t actually have any holes, as they are all covered up but they have a nice style. This outfit is both … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: Outfit before it gets too cold

Healthy Monday!: couscous salad

Hi everyone! First of all happy first of December! The countdown until Christmas can finally begin yayy My place is already full of Christmas things, Christmas smelling candles and Christmas baking recipes ready to be made! For today’s recipe I made a couscous salad. A base of spinach leaves, with couscous, pine nuts which are a great source of vitamin E that helps have a … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: couscous salad