Fashion Friday!: Baby it’s cold outside




Hi everyone!

It’s getting chilly in the streets of  London. It’s time to get the winter scarf out! I’ll admit I wasn’t properly dressed for this kind of weather considering i was wearing thin black tights and my ankle boots… I really need to buy under the knee boots to keep me warm during the winter season!

Anyways, I just bought this skirt which I am very happy about. It’s cute and gives a light tint of color to my black outfits! You can’t see it on the full body picture but I was wearing a long sleeve shirt with fake leather on the shoulders, a knitted cardigan and a light jacket. I like this outfit as the top is quite tight, the skirt goes in at the waist and then the jacket on top doesn’t have a specific shape so it just blows with the wind and it just looks cool.

I bought this scarf last year as everyone was wearing these kind of patterned scarfs and I will say it is my warmest big scarf and i love wearing it with my black outfits.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where you could have seen a preview of this outfit a few days ago 🙂

Shirt: Peace&Love

Cardigan: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Boots: River Island

Jacket: All Saints

Necklace: Bought in Korea

Scarf: Asos

Love, Jen xx


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