Fashion Friday!: Baby it’s cold outside

Hi everyone! It’s getting chilly in the streets of  London. It’s time to get the winter scarf out! I’ll admit I wasn’t properly dressed for this kind of weather considering i was wearing thin black tights and my ankle boots… I really need to buy under the knee boots to keep me warm during the winter season! Anyways, I just bought this skirt which I … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: Baby it’s cold outside

Healthy Monday!: lunch time!

Hi everyone! Today I thought I should post what I eat for lunch sometimes. I like making myself small sandwiches for lunch, I love bread and you can pretty much fit anything you want in between two slices! I grilled some chicken and put some pesto basilic on the bread so that it’s not too dry. It’s pretty simple but yummy and I sometimes eat … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: lunch time!

Sweet Sunday!: Funfetti Whoopi Cake

Hi everyone! Sunday is the day of fun, enjoying yourself with friends and not thinking about all the calories you eat. Sunday is my day of baking! We found these Funfetti recipe online and decided to try them with a bit alteration. The recipe online says you should put buttercream in between the two cookies but we decided to put meringue cream. It tastes so … Continue reading Sweet Sunday!: Funfetti Whoopi Cake

Healthy Monday!: Vegetable soup

Hi everyone! It’s getting colder outside, it’s easier to catch a cold if you don’t take care of yourself! As soon as I have a sign of my throat hurting or my nose running I immediately make a soup to avoid getting sick. My soup is pretty simple but it tastes yummy! It has potatoes, carrots, leeks and an oignon. I also add salt and … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Vegetable soup

Fashion Friday!: Fancy street style!

Hi everyone! My style is very casual and chic, I love wearing boots and skinny jeans for a laid back rock look and pairing it with a button up shirt and a nice jacket. It just looks good and fits to any occasion! I particularly love this button up shirt, considering I spent all my money on buying it I better love it haha I … Continue reading Fashion Friday!: Fancy street style!