Fashion Friday!: August Shopping Spree!

Hi everyone!

Here is my last summer shopping haul and getting ready for autumn haul.

First stop was at Zara, I’ve seen a few people with this scarf and it’s so soft that I’ve been looking for it ever since!



At the end of the previous month, we were just talking with my friends that H&M had decreased in terms of quality,  but then I went in in Denmark anyways just to have a look and that was my mistake of the summer. I just loved half of the store so here we go…

I bought these two cardigans in burgundy and in green. It’s very comfortable being 100% wool, it was pretty cheap and it’s quite warm so will be perfect for autumn.



Also got another cardigan, black and longer in the front which gives a more trendy style.


Then I found a light jumper in an orange-burgundy color with a slit in the back showing a shirt under. I find this one very cute, it’s both fancy and different from everything I already own.



Also got new training shorts in burgundy (seems like that’s gonna be my autumn color!).


And a pair of black shorts and black normal waist skinny jeans.




Next, I went to Pieces where I bought a black jumper with a bit of cashmere in it which makes it the best thing to wear!!


I like putting button up shirts under jumpers so that you can see the collar but I always get to warm so I found this cut button up shirt that I can wear under jumpers without getting too hot : ) Also it’s really pretty made, so it give a little more girly look to a trendy and grunge outfit.


I also bought some jewelry, guess I thought I didn’t have any necklaces since I bought four. Sometimes I really wonder if I have a shopping problem… any thoughts?

The first three are from Urban Outfitters and the last one is from Pieces, it kind of makes me think of a Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace that was made a few years ago.



This one is shorter than the two previous ones. It has an interesting aspect with its vintage style.

Last shopping stop was when I came back to London in Brandy Melville. I bought a hippie style dress.




And a short really soft grey sweater which is gonna look really cute on top of a tight black dress or a high wasted skirt.


Did you go shopping crazy in your last month of summer holiday? ; )

Love, Jen xx


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