Healthy Monday!: Light sandwich


Hi everyone!

I usually try to post around 8 or 9 pm GMT but during the holidays I don’t have Internet connection everywhere so I post whenever I can! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram as well, where I post whenever a new post is up on the blog and a bit more about my daily life as well : )

Today’s post is about a light little lunch I like having in sunny days before going out for a walk. It’s Nordic crisp bread with some white ham on top and a side of salad a cherry tomatoes. I usually don’t like tomatoes so I’m that weird person who doesn’t eat pizza or sauce on pasta, but since they’re are healthy I force myself with cherry tomatoes…

This lunch is perfect when you’re not very hungry but need to make something quick to either it now or bring with you. You can pair it all up to make a little sandwich as well!

Do you have any light and quick lunches you like to make?

Love,  Jen xx


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