Fashion Friday!: July Shopping Spree

Hi everyone!

I don’t even know where I get the money to shop this much. I really can’t hold myself back every time I see something cute, I just need to have it.

First item I bought was a purse. No, I apparently didn’t buy enough last month, I went back to Charles and Keith and fell in love with this one. It has a lot of compartments inside which is quite practical as my wallet doesn’t fit inside. The strap is removable so you can either hang it on your shoulder or simply hold it under your arm/in your  hand. The color is also quite flashy which is quite good for me as I wear black 80% of the time.





It’s sales season, so I had to do a bit of shopping. I looked through the Zara website, and found two jumpers. One is made of thick wool while the other one is in a lighter material so can be worn now if it’s a bit cloudy outside.



I like how it goes down in a V in the back and how it’s not showing skin in the front.

I continue with my low back trend in the sales. The light jumper goes down in a V in the front and the back which makes a nice change.

I went to Zara in person as well and bought a pair of patterned trousers. I never wear patterned trousers but they were at 12 euros and thought I should give it a go.




Am I the only one who goes to shop for the sales and end up buying in the new collection?

As I was trying on the clothe in Zara, I grabbed a pair of heels as I always like to look at the outfits with proper shoes on and ended up really liking the heels so I bought them…


I also bought a jumper from the new collection in Mango but this one already had an affordable price. I’ve been looking for a burgundy jumper for a while. Red is my favorite color but I feel like it’s too strong a color for clothe so burgundy is its alternative. I took it in a size bigger because I wanted it to be more flowy and fall a bit better rather than being fit to my body.



The sleeves don’t start from the armpit but slightly lower which creates a baggy kind of look.

I went to The Kooples to take a look at their sales as well, as it’s the only period I can kind of afford their clothe and bought a button up white silk shirt with a leather removable colar.



Last, I bought a necklace in Lila Lane which goes around the colar.



Did you go crazy during the sales?

Love, Jen xx


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