Healthy Monday!: Diner with friends



Hi everyone!

I rarely have diners at home, it’s difficult to put everyone’s schedule together. Tonight, I planned a diner for me and my two best friends. We had home made burgers for diner, which is not the healthiest option but we don’t put too many fatty things in so it’s not too bad. To make up for it, I made a fruit salad for dessert to get in our daily vitamins.

The fruit salad contains:

Apricots, contains a lot of vitamins A which is actually good for the eyesight and a proper immune system function. Vitamin A is also good for healthy skin and teeth. It’s also full of potassium which promotes digestion and strong bones.

Next, I added some strawberries. Strawberries are known to boost your immune system and helps in keeping wrinkles away. I’m still young, so I shouldn’t hope to have wrinkles yet, but better to fight them off before they show then try once they’ve arrived!

They’re also some chopped grapes. They are popular for their longevity benefit and can help in regulating blood pressure.

I then added a few blueberries. I actually didn’t use to like blueberries, until I heard how good they were for your health and decided to force myself to it them. Now I snack on them all the time!!

Hope this inspires you to make more diners at home!

Love, Jen xx

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