Fashion Friday!: June Shopping Spree

Hi everyone!

Now I clearly have to admit, I think I have a shopping problem! The sales are on and I just can’t resist walking into shops… And even when the sales are not on, I feel the need to buy something new! I’m ruined now but at least it makes for a good blog post.

As the summer holidays came to a start, I had to buy a few things to start out this wonderful break. I went to Mango and bought a button up shirt without sleeves which I had been searching for a while. I also bought a simple grey tank top which goes down a bit in the back. It’s nice and comfy to chill in.




I also went to Zara, I wasn’t supposed to buy anything there but then I found these shorts for 17€ which is pretty cheap so I just had to buy them!



For now it’s not too much, but then I went to Bali, Indonesia and, well, I couldn’t resist all the prettiness!

On the way to Bali, we made a stop in Singapore. Every time I stop at that airport, I have to go to Charles and Keith. It’s my favorite place to buy bags. I needed a new school bags and saw this one. I find it really hard to find a bag where I can have both my computer and my books in. Most bags don’t have any closed sections so I’m always worried someone can steal my wallet or my phone. This bag has a middle pocket that is closed and two open space with many smaller pockets on the inside.





Once I arrived in Bali, we went to a market where I bought this dark blue crop top and a few pairs of shoes. I’m addicted to these shoes. They are so comfortable to walk in and look great with either a dress or pants. The only bad thing with these shoes is that the sole gets dirty very easily but you don’t notice it when you wear them. And finally, I bought a pashmina scarf, which is big enough to lay over the shoulders if it gets a bit chilly.


20150714_191203June Shopping spree


I bought three tops and some jewelry in a store. I guess I’m into open back clothe at the moment. When I go out to party, I always get really warm and open back shirts are perfect to breathe through.




I set up a white envelop in the shirt so you could see how the back is.



I put a white shirt in between to properly see the opening in the back.



For the jewelry, I bought a ring and two necklaces. The gold one is my favorite. Since I have many tops or dresses that go low in the back, I feel that it look really nice having a necklaces go down the bare back. It also looks good in the front.





My dad went to Taiwan for the weekend a bought back this blue button up shirt for me. It looks really cool. It has a black satin like vest in the front which gives it a grungy side which I enjoy.




The most expensive thing I’ve bought is this dress from Lilly Jean. It goes in on the hips with the help of a string, and has pearls on the collar and at the bottom edge.





But I hadn’t gone crazy yet at that point. I went crazy when our Balinese friend who sells  bags made from Python came to see us. All the colors were just so pretty, and the ones I already have I use all the time. So I decided to just spend all my money on wallets, purses and small bags! I also bought a few extras as birthday gifts for my friends back home, so there’s even more than what I’m showing!! I feel pretty bad buying these actually, as I am against animal cruelty and against buying anything with fur, so let’s just say Python is my exception..






A bag, four purses and two wallets, that’s not too bad right?

Hope you enjoyed my crazy shopping spree. Until next month!

Love, Jen xx


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