Fashion Friday!: May Shopping Spree

Hi everyone!

I’m on holiday now, so May was my time to get ready for summer. Best way to do that is to prepare for the perfect outfits! I usually wear a lot of black, so I tried to avoid all the black clothe and buy more fitting summer clothe.

I bought these clothe in Denmark when I was visiting my family.

First shop I went to was Vero Moda where I bought three tops:





White is an easy and basic color to wear in the summer season. It goes with everything. This top has some lace details in the collar and at the bottom. The back has two stripes going down. I like it when the back is slightly open.




I like this top as it can both be fancy and chill. It’s see-through unless you put a little top under it. It was sold with a little top which I found great as I sometimes struggle finding a matching tint to put under see-through shirts.



Finally, I decided to add a little color to my clothe collection with again some lacy broderie details on it. It looks like it’s the new summer style to have lace on everything.

Next stop was Only where I bought one black top and a shirt just to relax in:




I find it quite hard to photograph black clothe for some reason they always turn grey-ish or erases the whole background so I apologize for the bad quality. I’ve already used this black top a lot. It’s really comfortable to wear. I like the contrast between having the top go high up in the front and a large open back.


I’m a subscriber of MyLittleBox, and their May box had a DIY bracelet.



Having a DIY bracelet is pretty cool as compared to all the other things I buy, the whole town isn’t going to have exactly the same as I do.

I usually shop more in the summer than winter, so I already know there is a lot more to come in the June shopping spree!

Love, Jen xx


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