Fashion Friday: Sunny days!

Hi everyone!

Sunny days are ahead of us, and I’m not missing any chance of going out and enjoying it! I took a walk out in the city, to get in shape for the beach and not gain too much weight, walking is great. It stops me from eating every time I get the chance as I don’t think about food as much, and it burns calories as well as keeping your legs in shape.


For my city walk outfit, I decided to wear shorts as they are quite practical to get around with, the wind don’t blow them up and you don’t have to worry about people seeing your underwear when you walk up the stairs haha. I like these shorts as they are not too tight around the thighs and they are long enough to be city appropriate. I paired them with a white shirt (which you will be able to see more about on my Shopping Spree Post coming up on June 1st). It’s flowy and perfect for a hot day.



I also enjoy pairing my bags to my shoes. So they are both brown and enhances well the outfit I find.



In terms of accessories I wore a brown leather bracelet, and rings on my ring finger and index on one hand and middle finger on the other.

Hope you enjoyed my Fashion Friday post and that you are also enjoying the sunny days!

Love, Jen xx

Shirt: Vero Moda

Shorts: Forever21

Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo


Bracelet: Bought in Indonesia

Rings: H&M and Accessories


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