Healthy Monday!: Broccoli salad


Hi everyone!

After my craving was fulfilled with a waffle yesterday, I make up for it with a light salad.

It’s made of spinach for the base, which is filled of vitamins and most importantly iron. Many people have iron deficiency in their blood nowadays, spinach is a good way to try and keep it up.

The broccoli has been quickly boiled to keep all its nutrients and qualities. Not many people like broccoli, I remember exactly how I started to eat broccoli!

I was a difficult child, didn’t eat much, especially when it comes to vegetables, I only liked corn and cucumber. When I was around 8, one night my mom called us for diner just as I was watching Nicky Larson on TV. The show didn’t pass on TV very often and I wanted to keep watching as I ate my diner. There was broccoli on the table, and my dad kind of decided to blackmail me into eating three pieces of broccoli first if I wanted to keep watching. Turns out broccoli was not too bad after all,  and I always took a few at diner from that day.

The all with sunflower seeds for the fibers and olive oil and salt to give extra taste!

Love, Jen xx


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