Fashion Friday: Summer is here!

Hi everyone!

Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of wearing this outfit since November but the weather was never right.


When the sun shows its face, I feel like it’s time to wear a bit more colors. I love black and I own everything in black: jacket, sweater, t-shirts, shoes and even all my undies are black. Black is a must have color, fits with everything and can only make you look good. But to thank the sun for showing up I have a few colorful things. I bought this skirt last summer. It’s very flowy and light. You can either wear it on your hips if you have very long legs or around your waist which I did.

I paired it with a tight black crop top. The flow of the skirt and the tightness of the top goes well together I think. With the high waisted skirt and a crop top, it’s cute, kind of discrete but still quite attractive as you can see a bit of the belly button.


The shoes are from Indonesia. I like flip flops as it lets your feet breeze but they are not very practical to walk in. These shoes are similar to flip flops but are closed at the back of the heel which provide support and are my most comfortable summer shoes.

It’s a perfect outfit for a day of visit in the city out in the sunshine!

Skirt: Zara

Crop Top: Asos

Shoes: from Bali, Indonesia

Love, Jen xx


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