Healthy Monday!: After diner snack

Hi everyone! Sometimes, after a light diner and especially when I stay up late, I get kind of hungry. Instead of starting to eat a bit of everything you can find in your cupboards, a nice fruit salad is very fulfilling. This fruit salad is made of strawberries, raspberries, grapes and a nectarine. When it’s a bit too sour I had sugar but I’m a … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: After diner snack

Healthy Monday!: Broccoli salad

Hi everyone! After my craving was fulfilled with a waffle yesterday, I make up for it with a light salad. It’s made of spinach for the base, which is filled of vitamins and most importantly iron. Many people have iron deficiency in their blood nowadays, spinach is a good way to try and keep it up. The broccoli has been quickly boiled to keep all … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Broccoli salad

Sweet Tooth Sunday!: Waffles

Hi everyone! After a healthy eating week, I like to have a sweet and delicious meal/snack. This was actually a late lunch as I ate late breakfast. I find that a trick to not feel guilty when eating a desert is to pair it with fruits. I like my waffles with whipped cream, tiny marshmallows, strawberries and raspberry sauce. Another trick is to put the … Continue reading Sweet Tooth Sunday!: Waffles

Fashion Friday: Summer is here!

Hi everyone! Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of wearing this outfit since November but the weather was never right. When the sun shows its face, I feel like it’s time to wear a bit more colors. I love black and I own everything in black: jacket, sweater, t-shirts, shoes and even all my undies are black. Black is a must have color, fits with everything and … Continue reading Fashion Friday: Summer is here!

Healthy Monday!: Emptying the fridge

Hi everyone! Sorry for not having posted in a while. I’ve just finished all my exams at uni, so was quite busy revising, leaving me with no time to post on my blog at all! I’ll start posting my Monday meals for the holidays, which will vary between breakfast and diner. Check out the blog on Fridays for Fashion posts and Sundays for Sweet tooth … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Emptying the fridge