Healthy Monday!: Corn Salad


Hi everyone!

Time for a new diner! Don’t you just love a fresh and healthy salad to start this wonderful week? This one is just made of lettuce, corn, cucumber and sunflower seeds. Corn is full of minerals, and sunflower seeds are high in fiber. Cucumber is full of vitamins A, B and K and good to fight cancer risks.

Cucumber is great to keep you hydrated and I always keep some in my fridge in case I get hungry during the day it makes a good and healthy snack!

I also boiled an egg for some extra protein, and because I was quite hungry and it’s very filling!

I haven’t posted a lot of fashion lately I apologize. I’m having a hard time managing classes, exams, job interviews and blog posts…

Wish you all to have a good week in the sun!

Love, Jen xx


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