Fashion: March’s shopping spree!

Hi everyone!

A month without shopping is like a month without living! I don’t have a lot of money at the moment as I spend most of it on getting back and forth from uni, and to feed myself. Life in London is not cheap unfortunately…

I usually mainly buy my clothe in Zara, H&M or Primark if I need something and don’t want to spend £30 on it. So here is what I have bought or got as a gift in March.

First of all, I went to Primark to check out what they had for spring. I bought three things:


20150327_124125I bought two shirts. A white button up classic one as you can never have enough of those, and a green one which is a bit longer in the back. The green one is going to be great to wear when it gets warmer, and I need an alternative to all my black clothe. I also bought a black vest, as I just noticed that I didn’t own one and that’s a must have.

Next shopping spot is H&M:


20150327_124427I needed a new sports bra and going to Victoria’s Secret where I usually buy them was not in my budget… So I decided to get this one in H&M along with a very soft and comfortable light grey shirt that I also use to work out in. And since make-up is just by the check out counter and I couldn’t resist taking a look I left with this smoky eyeshadow palette.

Last stop was All Saints. I didn’t buy these things myself, it’s a bit out of my price range. I love everything I got there!



20150327_130537The coat was kind of hard to picture. You can button it in many different ways, and I usually keep it open except if the wind is very strong, then I close it like on the picture. It’s shorter in the back and hangs down of both side in the front. The shirt is just a plain grey and extremely soft shirt. I wasn’t going to get boots until I looked down at my feet and remembered that my boots were five years old and that it was time to get new ones. You’ll probably notice very quickly that I have a black boots addiction… oops!

I have worn the coat and the boots almost everyday since I got them. They give this kind of rock and edgy look which I really enjoy. Especially if you pair them with a button up white shirt then it has a rock and classy style which I love!

Hope you enjoyed my shopping spree of the month. Where is your favorite place to shop?

Love, Jen xx


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