Healthy Monday!: Corn Salad

Hi everyone! Time for a new diner! Don’t you just love a fresh and healthy salad to start this wonderful week? This one is just made of lettuce, corn, cucumber and sunflower seeds. Corn is full of minerals, and sunflower seeds are high in fiber. Cucumber is full of vitamins A, B and K and good to fight cancer risks. Cucumber is great to keep … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Corn Salad

Healthy Monday!: Quinoa and grilled vegetables

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! My monday’s diner was actually made of something I had never tried before: Quinoa! I’ve read everywhere those great healthy recipes and they always had quinoa in them. I love gluten, I can’t get rid of it completely but I wanted to try to do a day a week that is gluten free. And it’s … Continue reading Healthy Monday!: Quinoa and grilled vegetables