Healthy Monday!: Fried egg over rye bread


Hi everyone!

To change for once, I decided to make something other than a salad this Monday for diner. Here is a fried egg laid over a piece of organic rye bread and some grilled baby corn.

Eggs are extremely nutritious and contain all sorts of vitamins such as A, B6 and B12. If you don’t like fried eggs, you can also boil it and dip long piece of rye bread in the yolk. Yummy!

I very often eat rye bread. It’s good for a light meal, and you can eat more than one piece if you’re still hungry. Rye bread is a healthier alternative to white bread which I also love and try to lower my intake off. Rye has actually been proven to satiate longer than wheat. It is also good to improve the glucose in the blood and is said to help towards a flat stomach! No one says no to a flat stomach, so if rye bread can help towards that goal don’t say no!! I also just grilled some baby corn to add some vegetables to my meal. Baby corn is low in calories and high in fibers.

Hope you enjoyed reading my healthy Monday meal!

Love, Jen xx


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