Healthy Monday!: Chicken and Walnuts Salad

Chicken salad

Hi everyone!

Today’s recipe for healthy Mondays is again a salad as I’ve been eating out a lot this week since my family was visiting. So I just really needed a salad to get relief from all the food I’ve had lately!

This salad is made out of lettuce for the base and chicken for the protein and to get some vitamins (E, B6 and B12). On top I added some orange bell peppers for some vitamins C and fibers, as well as corn which is a good source of minerals and helps lower cholesterol, and walnuts as they are filled with Omega-3 and they are good for a healthy heart.

The all topped with some olive oil and of course salt!

Hope you all enjoyed your first diner of the week.

Love, Jen xx


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