My Little Superbox

Hi everyone!

I have been receiving my Little Box since they launched in London in September 2014. It’s a monthly subscription box based on the French company MyLittleParis. Their boxes costs £14 a month with shipping. The boxes are super cute and always have a nice design, which is drawn by a Japanese girl called Kanako.

This month’s box is designed to give you strength and to keep going in life even when it gets hard, which is why it is called My Little Superbox!

My Little superbox

When opening the packaging, they always have a sticker with a cute quote on it, this one being Make Yourself Epic! Which fits very well with the description of a superhero. I usually take the sticker of the box and stick it on my wall. I’m slowly making a pretty collection!

The delivery box used to be plain brown but now they have added the logo of MyLittleBox onto it so it looks like this:

My Little box designAlso, since MyLittleBox don’t do things half way, they also changed the side of the actual box to make it look like a superwoman:

superwoman sideI really like MyLittleBox because they make a real effort in making something that pleases the eye, and just receiving the box makes me happy, I don’t even have to open it! Don’t worry, I won’t stop my post here, I’ll let you know what is on the inside of this mysterious box that gives you superpowers.

The things on the inside of the box are wrapped in a lace with MyLittleBox written over it. There is usually a card with a quote on it, but this time they gave us really cool stickers!

stickers superheroesUnderneath the stickers is the magazine MyLittleWorld which has interviews, recipes, nail art tutorials, hair tutorials and all sorts of exciting things.

superbox contentThe gift of the box is a simple gray shirt that says I believe I can fly. It’s one size, meaning it’s a tiny bit big for me and therefore makes it perfect to use as either a pajama or a gym shirt.

There is always three beauty products that come is the cutest pouch ever that has written MyLittleBox all over it. Here is a zoom on the beauty products:

superbox beautyFirst is the Lips and Cheeks from MyLittleBeauty. It has a light coral color, which is going to be great to use in the summer to get that cute and fresh girl look. Second is a hand and nails cream from Caudalie. I love their products, they are great and smell heavenly! And last is a hair conditioner to get nice shiny hair from Kérastase Cristaliste. I had personally never heard of this brand derived from L’Oréal Paris. I used the product for the first time yesterday. I wouldn’t say it added shine, but then it is the first time I use it. It smelled pretty nice so that’s good, and maybe next time I’ll have shinier hair!

Do you have any subscription boxes that makes your mailbox a great place to go to once a month too? If yes, tell me al about your experience in the comments!

Love, Jen xx


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