Paris Fashion Week: Dries Van Noten Show

Hi Everyone!

I went to Paris during Fashion Week and got the chance to attend the Dries Van Noten fashion show. Dries Van Noten is a belgium brand that only does ready-to-wear. The clothes can be a little bit special in terms of style but they are some more common style items. They have a great quality and when you find an item you love, you use it for years!

They are pretty expensive, so I only order one or two items per season. I don’t take risks with taking an extravagant looking item as I want to be able to use these items for more than just one season!

The catwalk was in Paris Hotel de Ville. It was an amazing set up, and the room is so beautiful! The room was illuminated with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the mood it gave was great.

20150304_152419The ceiling was covered with paintings, the interior was designed based on the 19th century style.


The chandeliers are turned off, the electronic light barriers descend closer to the ground to illuminate the first model stepping onto the catwalk. Let the show begin!

Cameras are clicking and people are clapping as all the models walk out in one big bulk. This was a great way to end the show instead of having all the models walk in one line as they do in most shows!

Dries ModelsThe picture of the models is a bit blurry as they were walking pretty fast so I apologize for that. Definitely go check out the brand if you ever go to Paris!

Love, Jen xx


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